What is the difference between cold patch and tire seal?

The only difference is that Cold Patch is for inner tire and tire seal is for tubeless tire.
Paste cold patch on the surface hole and stuck tire seal into the hole.

1. Rub off the part to be mended larger then the patch in size.
2. Apply slight rubber solution to the part to be mended.
3. Slowly take off the foil.
4. When the rubber solution dries, paste the patch on the part to be mended and fix the patch with a roller stitch.

1. Pull out the nail from tire.
2. Clean the ingury with the open end insrting tool.Following the direction of the injury and twist
3 times in hole inside.
3.Feed the seal string to open end inserting tool. Also using alittle of solution on the surface of seal string.
4.insert the tool by hand into injury through the tire from outside to inside about 1 cm. Then twist it.
Put out the tool diresctly